Embracing Hope is a Christ-centered organization focused on seeing the poorest and most vulnerable of families preserved and orphans prevented by using compassionate, holistic practices that promote dignity, sustainability, transformation, community, and Christian discipleship which transforms all areas of life for this and future generations.

We believe that the Good News is that Jesus, through His ministry, life, death and resurrection, has overcome the brokenness of our world.

Therefore, we desire to see those we serve:

Embracing God (enter into a life giving growing relationship with God)

Embracing self (growth in transformational wholeness given by God)

Embracing others (loving, forgiving, Jesus-centered community; including the local church)

Embracing creation (stewardship of everything that God has provided)


  1. To see dignity restored in Jesus Name to all whom we serve regardless of their religion.
  2. To engage vulnerable children and adults intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially & spiritually through local based solutions.
  3. To provide opportunities in which families can be reconciled to God, to self, to others and to creation, and are trained in becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus who bring change to their world.
  4. To encourage the poor to become generous, self-sustaining families marked by hope. “The end of development is true identity, the restored identity of the poor as children of God with a gift to share.” – Jayakumar Christian
  5. To be a bridge between the majority world and The West, through poverty education, relationships and interventions that strengthen the community.