One need among those who are most poor and vulnerable is to have somewhere safe for their children to go so that mom (or dad) can go to work. Everyday, we provide free Day Care to more than 80 children ages 0 to 3 who find a safe place to grow, learn & play while their parent can work, thus helping the family grow in sustainability

Their children are benefitting physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually and best of all they get to go home with Mom at the end of each day.  The Day Care Center is a place of learning, laughter, life…AND Hope.

Year round, over 200 children from Nursery School age to Grade 3 attend The Embracing Hope School.  Our school will continue to grow by one grade level every year through Grade 8.   This school is licensed by the Ethiopian Ministry of Education.  We have highly qualified teachers who believe in teaching children the curriculum while also helping them to grow in creativity and character.

Most children are severely malnourished when they first came to the center. By providing 3 healthy meals and a snack per day, children are becoming healthy.

We provide free health care for EH Families, as well as hygiene supplies, ongoing HIV Counseling, and health education; all helping families become healthier.

Because most parents never have enough money to feed and clothe their own children, we partner with them by providing supplemental grain and oil, clothing, and rent subsidies if needed.  Families with Special Needs (HIV+, Disabilities, etc.) are provided with extra monthly supports.

Our aim is to see that these families become sustainable, so we provide micro-savings initiatives, micro-enterprise grants, literacy education, opportunities to further education, community groups and life skills training to partner with them in it.  We also step-down supports to families to combat dependency.

Every family has unique needs.  Therefore we give mothers ownership in the project as well as provide social work in order to see dignity restored in each unique family situation.

Embracing Hope Ministries runs in tandem alongside the development work is able to provide opportunities for Moms to come to know Jesus and to grow in knowing Him.

Each week there are over 150 children who attend Sunday School type activities.   We also have in-home visitations of families, Bible Study and spiritual counseling / prayer for all who are interested.

While our funding comes from abroad, we work in partnership with local authorities and national staff.  We also provide full-time employment to more than 58 Ethiopians.

Every year we are faced with turning away over 3,000 mothers just in our local district.  With this need in mind, we are committed to grow by 30 to 40 families each year and more as resources permit.

Embracing Hope’s school will grow by one grade level every year through Grade 8.  We also are committed to assisting the children we serve with continuing their education beyond Grade 8.

In 2018 we will also be expanding our services to serve Refugee and Internally Displaced Families in Central Asia.