Thank you Food For All – A great partner to EHE

We want to thank a great foundation from the Netherlands named Food For All that has been a wonderful partner in orphan prevention. Below are excerpts from their story, written by Franny, one of the founders.

Their story of how they decided to make a difference among the poorest of the poor is compelling and shows how all of us can make a difference as God moves us.

Hans and Franny Treurniet

The Food For All Foundation has been in operation since 2003. In that year Hans and Franny Treurniet from the Netherlands, parents of an Ethiopian son, visited Ethiopia for the first time in their life.

They were very impressed by the fascinating culture and beautiful nature. However, what especially seized them was the massive poverty they encountered. They wanted to DO something for the poorest of the poor in Ethiopia. Particularly the begging mothers with their children made a big impression on them and they wanted precisely to help THEM.

Along with Ethiopians friends of theirs, living in the Netherlands, they established the foundation Food For All to focus on the poorest people within Ethiopian society.

The name Food For All is chosen because the founders of FFA believe that all people all over the world have the right to have food. The mission of FFA is written in the Bible in Isaiah 58:7: “Share your food with the hungry.”

The newly formed foundation started looking for an Ethiopian partner and in 2007 they started providing some help. They started out with a local partner who was helping beneficiaries who were begging. It was a very diverse initial group of beneficiaries that included; women, disabled people, street youth and others.

This assistance was provided out of a social center that provided basic necessities such as food, shelter, toiletries and medical care. In time they identified that they also could teach the participants to exercise a profession to become independent. The help was very diverse.

In 2014 FFA started looking for another partner to work with, which they found in Embracing Hope Ethiopia. FFA appreciated the fact that not only needy mothers are helped by EHE, but that help is also provided to their children.

We are now three years further and FFA is confident that it has put the right step in 2014 to seek cooperation with EHE.

FFA has assumed the care of 30 families through family sponsorships. To keep providing these resources, FFA engages in all all kinds of activities, including, selling typical Ethiopian articles  and trying to expand its donors-army.

FFA also finances other smaller projects in Ethiopia, but all projects are aimed at women and their children, who live by conditions in utter poverty, to help build a decent life.

Embracing Hope Ethiopia deeply appreciates Hans, Franny and the Food For All Board in all that they do in Ethiopia among the poorest of the poor. Their partnership means that more families continue to be preserved and more orphans are prevented – one step at a time. Thank you FFA!

Perhaps you have an organization or foundation that would be interested in partnering with Embracing Hope Ethiopia. If so, please contact Jerry through his email Jerry(at)

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