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Orphan Sunday is right around the corner!  Would you consider highlighting Embracing Hope Ethiopia this Orphan Sunday, November 2nd?

We believe that there is a biblical mandate to care for the orphan and we love watching as people respond to that call through adoption and orphan care.  As adoptive parents of 3 children we firmly believe in answering the call to adopt orphans and providing families for those who have none.

Fiyerie and Frewoyni

Fiyerie and Frewoyni

At the same time right there in James 1:27 is a call to care for the orphan AND the widow.   “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…”  We believe that while adoption provides one answer to the call put forward in James 1:27, there are many other different facets to it.  One response is what EHE does daily through our holistic family intervention project, where we keep families together.   

The children we serve would be orphaned if there was not someone to partner with their families.  The mothers we serve are widows in a sense that they have been widowed, divorced or abandoned with no one – no family, no child support and no community – to care for them.  Through partnership in family sponsorships, and the other ways our donors generously give, we are able to see their families preserved and orphans prevented.

This Orphan Sunday we have some very practical ways that your church or organization can get involved.  Actually we have 130 very practical ways.  We have 130 sponsorship slots still remaining for the 74 newest arrivals into our holistic family intervention.   Would your church consider getting involved?


We’d love to send you a bunch of these brochures to help your church get involved.

To make it possible, we have brochures about what we do, family sponsorship brochures and videos about how your church can make a difference in preventing orphans and preserving families.

Drop us an email at info@EmbracingHopeEthiopia.com and we would love to get as many materials into your hands as you can use in helping to spread the word and helping others to engage in James 1:27 ministry this Orphan Sunday!

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