One Mom’s Story – Abeba

She started working as a day laborer in the community – carrying rock, dirt and debris for $1.25 per day for a full 10 hours worth of back breaking labor.  After she started working, a lot changed for her.  She had a light and a joy about her.  She was climbing out of a cycle she had known for  along time.

When we interviewed her about the changes in her life, she said to us, “Begging was like a cancer that was destroying my soul, but now I am free.”  Work had brought a restoration of dignity to her that was a stark contrast to her former life.

Abeba has since moved on from that job and while her income is still quite low, she is trying new things and she is still experiencing freedom. We also are going to be offering her the chance to get an education through literacy training soon.

She also has just been trained by us to receive a Micro-grant.  She is dreaming right now about what kind of small scale business she would like to start…and she keeps smiling from ear to ear.

In the meantime Kerubale is thriving and growing and in about a year he will start to school – an opportunity at a young age that his mom never had.

From being on the street begging to persevering through many changes over a year an a half – what an amazing change.

Please continue praying for Abeba and Kerubale.  And pray that we have opportunities to share with them the hope that we have in Jesus along the way.