“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”  Psalm 34:18 

God has opened a new door to Embracing Hope. In our weakness and through His strength, He has called us to bind up the wounds of those who have faced unimaginable evil and violence at the hand of militants- to shine His light and to reflect His love.

Would you consider joining us and becoming a prayer partner and regular giver to this new work?



The New Hope Project has now become the North Shewa New Hope Project encompassing all of our work with women in children in the North Shewa Zone of the Amhara Region of Ethiopia– including Mezezo, Debre Sina, Shewa Robit and now children in the refugee camps of Debre Birhan.

How this all began…

Back in November of 2021, militants from the war that had been waging in northern Ethiopia, threatened to reach the capital. Refugees, fleeing the violence, were arriving at our gate and many donors gave generously to an emergency fund supporting these families. Then in December, Alayu, our Ethiopian director, was given a vivid dream.  In the dream, Alayu and his brothers visited the village of Mezezo that had been completely destroyed by militants. As they were standing surveying the wreckage, a man approached them pleading for them to come and visit the women and children who had been raped and attacked. He then led them to the back of a house, where they found the women and children, hiding with their wounds and covered in blood. Alayu and his brothers then began to pray and minister and when later they returned, the same man came to them saying, “Your visit, changed their lives.” When Alayu awoke the next morning, he turned on the radio and at that moment, heard a man speaking of the war victims and urging Evangelicals and Orthodox believers to go and visit these families.

We went on to pray for such an opportunity for Alayu to visit these people. We prayed for doors to open, for wisdom and safety to travel. You see at this point, Rebel forces were still hiding out and attacking travelers along the main road. The opportunity to travel to Mezezo did not come until the end of January. Alayu’s brother accompanied him and on route to the town, they saw mass destruction and bodies of the dead strewn across the ground. Alayu had been speaking to police and leaders of the town in advance, so when they arrived, there were 5 individuals (4 women and a 12th grade young man) who had agreed to speak and share their stories. In those moments, the 5 who spoke, were truly seen and heard. Alayu and his brother were able to offer love and compassion and give them funds to feed their families and get medical care. These acts opened the doors to continued relationship, others in need, local support, and travel to 2 other towns the following month. Alayu and staff have been able to give food and oil, to encourage those once hopeless, and give testimony to Jesus. We are now providing regular support to 200 women and children in the region.

Then in the spring of 2023, Alayu and staff were traveling to Debre Sina and Shewa Robit when the only road through the mountain tunnel was closed due to an accident. This forced them to return to the city of Debre Birhan to wait until the road reopened. It was at this time that God began to stir Alayu’s heart. For months Alayu had been receiving calls from officials at the Women and Children’s office in Debre Birhan pleading for Embracing Hope to help orphaned children in the refugee camps. With limited resources and great need among those we were already serving, Alayu had encouraged them to pursue other organizations. Yet now sitting in his hotel room in Debre Birhan, God brought these children to mind. After taking time to pray, Alayu sensed confirmation and proceeded to call the Women and Children’s office to see if they could visit the camps and talk.

Upon reaching one of the refugee camps later that day, Alayu and staff were overcome by what they saw. Housed within tents and warehouse buildings were thousands of people with belongings and blankets stretched across the ground. Outside, clouds of dust filled the air as residents milled about and stood in long lines for meals of cooked corn. Amidst the crowds were clusters of little children each clutching a dish with no guardian in sight.

Since that visit, we have been providing for 42 orphan children’s basic needs in the refugee camps including clothing, bedding, additional food, school support and medical care as needed. With unrest in the region it has been difficult, but we have begun Bible-based trauma therapy for the children and education for the caregivers on how to address the children’s unique needs and support them in their grief and healing journey. Alayu has begun conversations aimed at partnering with Ethiopian churches to champion and ultimately pursue local adoptions for the children – but first we must get them out of the camps and into clean, stable, safe environments when it is safe to do so. To provide general support to this ministry and our other work in the region, you can give a one-time or reoccurring gift to “North Shewa New Hope” online or follow the directions on our Donate page for other methods. If you would like to give specifically toward the children in Debre Birhan, you can sign-up on our Sponsorships page.

Who we are serving as part of the North Shewa New Hope Project… 

As with our ministry in Kore’, we continue to seek to serve those who are forgotten, hidden and alone. Many mothers experienced unbelievable trauma as they watched their husbands killed, were themselves raped and then had to leave all of their possessions behind as they fled to safety. Children have lost one or both parents, some were even forced to watch these horrific acts committed against their loved ones. They carry deep psychological wounds and their lives will never be the same. Some of these families had multiple houses and herds. Others had very little. However, when rebels entered their village, they were all robbed of family members, possessions, savings and dignity. 

In giving to the North Shewa New Hope Project, your gift will help provide:

Trauma counseling
Grain and Oil distribution
Hygiene & Sanitary Supplies
Housing support
Medical care
Social worker visitations
School supplies and clothes
Spiritual Counseling and outreach

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