Nardos & Her Mom Tigist

Nardos is a beautiful 2 year old girl, daughter to a beautiful 22 year old Mom.   Their story is very similar to many other mothers in the project in that Tigist is originally from Gojam, in Northern Ethiopia, but along the way she moved to Kore’ where she lives in a small room, with a mud floor, mud walls and tin roof.  Because she only has a 5th Grade education, she has limited opportunities.

Tigist has experienced significant tragedy in her life…and now she parents alone.

Now, she is trying to do the best that she can, living in the slum area and trying to earn enough to survive off of for herself and Nardos, yet it just isn’t enough.

Until recently she had been washing clothing door to door and taking Nardos with her…getting whatever work she could find for the day.  Washing clothing by hand is a hard job, and in Tigist’s case it was very harsh.  She developed a very bad allergic reaction to the soap that was being used, and now she has been unable to work for over 2 weeks while she heals up from the reaction.  No work means no money and no food.

We see it as a privilege to be able to partner with Tigist and Nardos.  We know that with a bit of support and encouragement, Tigist will start to embrace hope in all areas of life.  All of the supports that are provided her will be helpful to her and Nardos in the short term, but even more advantageous in the long term as they both aim towards sustainability.   We also know that along the way we will have opportunities to share in word and in deed about Jesus – The True Hope.

Would you consider partnering with us as we partner with Nardos and Tigist and many other moms and their children?

You can check out the sponsorship page at   .  You can also read a profile sheet about Nardos and Tigist by clicking here.