Missionary Family Update – October 2014

The Derloshon Family
The Derloshons have returned back to the United States

The Going Away Party.

The Going Away Party.

and we are grateful for the ways they sacrificed in order to bring their family to Ethiopia in the first place.  Adam has returned to his job with the Vineyard Community Church in Greenwood, Indiana and after living in temporary housing for a bit, recently were able to settle into a house.  Please continue to pray for them as they

Celebration meal of Goat Tibes and Injera. Heavenly.

Celebration meal of Goat Tibes and Injera. Heavenly.

shift from one culture to another.

In July before the Derloshons left Ethiopia and The Shannons left for Home Assignment, the staff at EHE threw a party.  What a great night it was complete with Goat Tibes, Injera, prayer, singing, dancing and a campfire.   It’s always fun having a party with our staff!

The Shannon Family
The Shannons return to Ethiopia in about 48 hours and are grateful for the privilege of returning there for another 3 year term.   We are so proud of our 6 kids who did amazing during the over 10,000 miles we have traveled together in the 3 months since we landed here in the US.   Everyone pitched in and worked  as a team.   Joshua and Micah took the lead in managing our EHE Store while we were one on the road.  They loved doing it and got a hand at what marketing and retailing entails.  What a great experience for them.   They were

On the Road Again.  Great sports about being in the van.

On the Road Again. Great sports about being in the van.

great sports as day after day we set everything up and then tore it down and tried to prepare for the next day in the evening.

Caia took the lead in helping us to find sponsors for the families by staffing the sponsorship table at many of the events.  She can tell you stories about moms and children like no one else can.  Her heart is passionate for them.

Hanna pitched in wherever needed.  She carried what needed to be carried, watched her sisters for a moment here and there and got to meet all kinds of new friends along the way.  We are so proud of our 6 year old who used to hide behind our legs whenever someone new came into the room.

Kidist and Mihiret did what they do best – looked cute and grew.  They traveled so amazingly well,

Dishing up the best Pizza on earth.  Giordanos Chicago Style.

Dishing up the best Pizza on earth. Giordanos Chicago Style.

ate almost everything that was put in front of them and endured late bedtimes and early wake ups.  Their development kicked into high gear while we were on the road.  Kidist went from being a quiet withdrawn 3 year old to being a social butterfly who won’t let you get a word in edgewise.  Mihiret started scooting (her version of crawling), standing and talking like crazy.  We think she also grew a foot while we were in the US.

We are so proud of our kids.  We also got to see some great sites along the way including; Fort Williams Park Light House, Boston, The Bean in Chicago, The Badger Ferry in Manitowc Wisconsin, lots of corn, the mountains of West Virginia,  The St. Louis Arch, Nashville, The Smithsonians, and that city that we love through and thorough – Philadelphia.   Along with the sites came so many visits with old friends and new friends…rehearsing God’s faithfulness despite our

Celebrating Joshua's 15th Birthday on the road.

Celebrating Joshua’s 15th Birthday on the road.

faithlessness along the way.  What a ride.

Now we are ready to return and we have some ways you can pray for us…

1.  Please pray for Kidist.  We have discovered that she has Celiac Disease and therefore cannot have any gluten.  This will mean some radical, labor intensive changes for us as we return, complete with needing to mill our own grain in our home.   Ethiopia has great grains that make this doable, but please pray as we make changes.

2.  Please pray for re-entry.  We’re hitting the ground understaffed and with an expansion having happened while we were away.  Jerry will also be starting back to the church right away and Christy will start homeschooling 4 of the children soon after we return.  Pray for us in this re-entry phase.

We so deeply appreciate you being on this journey with us!  Thank you!