Missionary Family Update March 2014

The Derloshons

It’s hard to believe that we’ve past the 4-month mark.  All six of us continue to make adjustments at our own unique paces.  Some days are amazing and some days are amazingly difficult.  Our days are currently split between family time, language school and spending time at the daycare and school.  We’ve been working on family updates and getting to know the moms and kiddos more.  We’ve also been venturing out into our community more, becoming a part of both the locational and relational community. We don’t want to just be that “ferenji” family living in the pink house at the end of the street.  God has us in a season of adjustment and we are living in the moment, soaking in all that we can… the good and the bad.  Thank you for your continued prayers.
XOXO – The Derloshon’s

Zek and Emery, The best of buddies.


Christie snapping photos for family updates.


Taking a stroll through the neighborhood.


Maggie and Hazel had a blast competing against other students at Bingham Academy’s Field Day. They even managed to bring home a couple ribbons.


The Shannons

Life continues to be very full, yet God continues to give us the grace and strength that is needed for each day.

Mihiret continues to grow and grow and grow.  She is no longer the tiny little peanut, but is full of life and joy.  She is standing and we are certain she will soon be walking!

Kidist is doing fine.  Transition is more difficult for her, but she is integrating so well into our family.  She continues to bloom.  The little girl who never spoke in the orphanage now can talk and sing non stop.

Hanna continues to grow into a sweet 6 year old who is wicked fast.  She recently ran in the Bingham Academy field days and loved it.  She seems a potential olympic hopeful in the sack race.

Caia continues to love the fact that she has two little sisters to dote on.  She continues to be so full of life.  She also had a wonderful time recently at the Bingham Academy field days – fun running and playing with friends.

Micah has a sweet spot for his two littlest sisters, too.  He recently turned 12, has enjoyed going on continual road trips with his Dad to Hawassa and he continues to excel in school.  His voracious reading continues to leave us a bit awestruck.

Joshua is now officially the tallest member of the Shannon family.   Somehow he not only caught up to his Dad and Mom, but then surpassed them by inches in a matter of weeks it seems.  He too continues to enjoy the road trips to Hawassa and playing the drums at church.

Christy continues to; homeschool, coach EHE Moms, oversee all of our physical donations, tour guests through the Day Care and help Miheret and Kidist to settle into our family.

Jerry has now been back in the pastoral role for 1 year and is still enjoying it.  The church is growing and there are many opportunities for ministry.  He also continues to love the oversight and visioning work he gets to do with EHE.

Thank you for your prayers!

Jerry & Christy

Micah's 12th Birthday.  Yes, his cake is an eyeball :)

Micah’s 12th Birthday. Yes, his cake is an eyeball 🙂

Kidist's favorite pastime is to make funny faces.

Kidist’s favorite pastime is to make funny faces.


Hanna learning to read. She is doing great at it.


Joshua loves playing with Mihiret.


Caia enjoyed field day at Bingham Academy.


Mihiret continues to grow and grow!