Micro Grant – Mulu

Mulu has taken the idea of a Micro Grant to heart and run with it!

Approximately 3 months ago we gave her a 600 ETB grant ($36 USD) to start a small business.  She came to us with the idea that she wanted to start making injera (Ethiopian flat bread that is a staple) and selling it.  So, we helped her open a savings account with 100 ETB and then gave her 500 ETB ($30 USD) to use as capital to start the business.

To say that she has done well would be an understatement.  She is a hard worker and very determined which helps a lot.  She also believes in paying her bills and saving.  So, to date not only has she been making money to live off of, but she also now has over 600 ETB in her savings account.

But the money is only a small piece of it.  She is full of dignity and life.  She is proud to be doing business and making it.  She is full of life as she sees something productive coming from her hands – and something that ultimately is of benefit to others too.  She is tapping into a place in her soul that was made by God – a place that was made to work and to give back.

Can $36 change a life?  In the right hands, you bet it can.