5 Ways to Pray on December 5th

pray 4 ethiopia december 5th

Please join us in praying on December 5th for Ethiopia and specifically for the Kore’ (Korah) area…  Here are some ways we’d love for you to join us in prayer.  Please also post comments in the form of prayers – we’d love to have a journal of prayers here.

1.  Please pray for the families who struggle to sustain themselves in the Kore’ area and who have to make tough decisions about the future for their children.

2.  Please pray for the many orphans in the Kore area – some living with others and some out on their own as street children.  Pray that God would set them into families.  It is His intention in Psalm 86, may we join together with each other and Him in His intention.

3.  Please pray for the various community based and faith based organizations working in the Kore area that there would be a spirit of cooperation and Kingdom work between all, and no sense of protectionism going on.   The needs are too great for there to be time wasted protecting interests.

4.  Pray for spiritual breakthrough.  The Enemy has had strong influence in this area for a long time, thus perpetuating a sense of being cursed, hopeless, diseased and in despair.  Added to this are the high unemployment rate and extreme social problems.  Pray for God’s Kingdom to break in and for the lies of the Enemy to be broken.

5.  Pray for Embracing Hope Ethiopia as we continue through the lengthly legal process of forming and starting.  Please pray for favor in the eyes of all as well as the amazing team of people coming together here.

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