January Family Updates 2

The Shannons

Our family continues to do very well as we are excitedly awaiting the arrival of Christy’s parents on February 2nd. It will be their first time in Ethiopia!

Joshua continues to love playing the drums at church. He is growing into a great young man.

Micah just turned 11 and has taken up playing the harmonica. He is a fast learner.

Caia’s favorite subject right now is reading.  Her favorite books are historical fiction books.

Hanna just turned 5 and her current dreams are to be a ballerina and banana pie chef.

Jerry preached at International Evangelical Church for the month of December and loved it. He was also just elected to the elder board at the church.

Christy continues to homeschool the kids and help with handicraft creation among the moms at the Day Care.

Love to you,

Jerry, Christy, Joshua, Micah, Caia & Hanna

Hanna & Caia with our friend Rachel.


Micah’s Birthday!
Legos always brings our family together.

The Derloshons

We are currently in the midst of support raising (and trying to stay warm in the freezing Midwest temps).

We’re currently at 18% for our monthly support and 36% for our one-time expenses. Our goal is to be 100% funded by April 1st!

We recently moved into a new rental home and we’re all loving it.  Maggie and Hazel just celebrated their 100th day of the school year, Zek and Emery spend their days dressing up like superheroes and playing with their Hot Wheels and Christie and I celebrated 10 wonderful years of marriage on December 28th.

Things are busy, but we have been so blessed.

Adam, Christie, Maggie, Hazel, Zek & Emery

Snow fun with Adam, Maggie & Emery
Maggie, Hazel, Zek and Emery enjoying ice cream
Adam & Christie’s Anniversary