January 2013 Newsletter – God at Work (in the unusual)

Into these struggles and discussions, I felt as if God was saying, “Do you trust that I am the one who will draw people to Myself?  Can you do what you are permitted to do in faithfulness to Me and then allow Me to be faithful in the heart transformation that I do?”

Day by day we are watching God do amazing work in transforming hearts and minds. And sometimes He uses the unthinkable to do so…as only He can do.

Take one of the moms who recently found out she was pregnant.  At first she hid her pregnancy  from our staff thinking that she would be kicked out of the project if she was discovered.  In the middle of this, she made a terrible decision and chose to have an abortion.  She was so broken up by her choice that she came to our staff and confessed.  The clinic had not done the abortion properly, so she now also had a bleeding problem on top of her shame.  Our staff were able to come alongside of her and love on her through a very dark time.  She was in need and our staff was able to be love in the flesh to her.

A short time later she came to our staff and told them that she had now become a follower of Jesus.  She had sensed a difference in our staff and saw Jesus at work through them.  God had  used the unthinkable to draw a mom to Himself.

O God, continue to make Yourself known in our midst.  May you continue to be glorified.

May God continue to use this very simple work that we put our hands to, to bring about the radical transformation of hearts and minds as only He can do.