A Totally Transformed Family

Here is evidence that sponsorship truly changes lives.  Thank you for making it happen! 

In October 2011 Abebech* came to EHE as an 18 year old Mom in great need.  Her 1 year old daughter Tigist*, herself and Abebech’s* Mom were all living together in a small mud room that was built over a toilet hole.  This substandard, uninhabitable room was essentially an outhouse.

They were living off of Abebech’s* Mom’s income as a beggar and that left them 400 ETB ($20 USD)per month for the three of them to live on.

Abebech* became pregnant by her boyfriend in high school.  While she wanted to terminate the pregnancy, she was unable to because of a lack of money.  In the end she gave birth and was forced to drop out of high school to stay at home with her child.   When we met Abebech*, she was discouraged and hopeless.

Through prayer, love and holistic interventions, Abebech* was able to start embracing hope.  Both she and Tigist* received medical care, day care, nutrition, basic needs – and Abebech* could start having dignity restored and to see herself as made in God’s image as the shame and despair lifted.  

When Tigist* was 3 years old, she moved to EHE Nursery and Kindergarten from the day care center. She continued to receive all provision; meals, clothing, school materials and health care. As a result Tigist* continued her education without any worries, and today she continues her education in Grade 1.  

As a family they received many  different kinds of support to meet their immediate needs ; like food items, clothing, mattress, sheets, pillows, medical support, rent subsidies and employment through income generating activities such as handicraft work.  This foundation meant that Abebech* could continue her education.

Abebech* started back to High School through part time study and eventually graduated.  She then joined the Teachers Training College. During her stay in the College, EHE was supporting; her school fee, food, and medical fee, in addition to supporting and educating Tigist*.  As a result of EHE immense support Abebech* graduated from teachers Training College in July 2016!

Since graduating, she got a job as a teacher! Both Abebech* and Tigist* have since departed from Embracing Hope Ethiopia Project.  Abebech* told EHE that she now was on her feet and she could proudly provide for her family’s needs, including education.   God has done a beautiful work in them!

This is why we do what we do – sponsorship works in preserving families and preventing orphans!  We have more families in need – please help us spread the word – www.EmbracingHopeEthiopia.com/sponsorships/

*Names have been changed. 

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