Gifts for a Cause

This Christmas, as part of our gift giving culture, many people will give things that people don’t need to people who don’t need it. 

This year, join us in giving Gifts for a Cause.  Give a gift that is going to make a change in someone’s life this year.  By giving Bibles, Micro-Grants, Family Sponsorships, Gifts to Spiritual Ministry, Relief and more, your gift can truly change lives.

Visit and give a gift in honor of someone you love.  You can choose from giving for Bibles, sponsorships, special kinds of programs, famine relief or just have the money go to wherever it is most needed.  After you make the donation, we’ll email you a card that you can share with the person on whose behalf you gave the gift.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor families in the Kore’ slum this Christmas!


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