A Dad in despair, considering suicide…who today is thriving and full of life and hope for his family.

Girma* and his family enrolled in Embracing Hope’s programs about 3 years ago. They came during a season when new families were being added because he was unable to work due to illness related to him being HIV positive. At that time he was having massive respiratory issues and suffering from joint pain that prevented him from working.

Economically, the family was living on a small amount of income that Kidus* Mom was able to make washing clothing. At that point, Kidus’ Mom was making 450 ETB month (less than $20) which could not even feed one of their family members, let alone pay rent and other household needs. Girma was staying at home to watch after Kidus. Medical follow up and treatment was unthinkable for Girma even though he knew he was HIV positive. His health was deteriorating and without intervention Kidus would soon lose his father.

EHE Staff intervened and started providing Girma with medical treatment and supplementary food support which helped him to recover and get physical strength. The Family also was provided with other supports such as; clothing, mattress, blankets, sheets, pillows, and hygiene materials. As Girma regained his health, he started working as a daily laborer and also as a part time guard. Within little time he was earning 1,000 ETB per month in addition to his wife’s income.

Once Kidus was registered in the project, he stayed in the day care center every day. With the provision of nutrition 4 times per day, early childhood support and social relations in a loving and caring environment, he started to thrive, too. Today Kidus is in the Embracing Hope School and he continues to receive all the supports EHE provides.

Today, Girma has saved 5,000 ETB in the bank and is providing food and housing for his family. His health is good and he loves to work. He also has hope of a better life because of EHE’s support- counseling, prayer, and supplementary food support.

He told our staff that he had lost hope when he was told he was HIV positive, and thought about committing suicide by throwing himself off of a cliff or into the river. But now he is full of hope.  He has learned to read and write through EHE’s Adult education and he leads a happy life with his wife and children. He also has a plan to one day have his own house, and help his children to continue their education.

All it took was a very simple intervention to help a Dad in despair to embrace hope in all areas of life. Thank you for investing in life changes that God gives us the privilege of partnering in.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of this family.

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