Family Updates May 2013

The Shannon Family

The Shannon family continues to do well. We’ve entered into a season of transition and are enjoying it.  In February and March we enjoyed a great visit with Christy’s family and some of their friends.  It was wonderful to see everyone!

In March, Jerry made the transition from being heavily involved in the on the ground, day to day decisions at Embracing Hope Ethiopia to pastoring at International Evangelical Church. EHE is doing great as a result as the national leaders keep moving the ball forward! He is finding the return to a church setting refreshing while at the same time facing challenges on a number of fronts. It has been a good move.

Christy continues to work part time with EHE on the ground in training and working with the moms who do handicrafts. At the same time she continues to home school all of the children.

The children are excited to be soon finishing up the school year and having a short break. We recently enjoyed a short vacation in Bahir Dar (on Lake Tana in Northern Ethiopia) and will soon be taking part in a home school retreat with tons of friends. While its hard to believe, we’ll also soon be celebrating Joshua’s 14th Birthday and Caia’s 9th! Where does the time go?

The Derloshon Family

Things are going well in the Derloshon camp. Support raising is one of the most tiring, yet rewarding processes we’ve ever gone through. We are around 55% for our monthly sustained support and 62% for our one-time expenses.

At the same time, we are getting ready to finish up the school year; Hazel is completing kindergarten and Maggie is completing 3rd grade.

A prayer request to everyone reading this, Christie’s mom (Patty) was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer and will be going in for surgery May 8th. Please pray God’s hand over everyone involved. As far as the impact this has on our family, we are continuing to raise support and will plan our transition to Ethiopia as her recovery progresses.

Thank you for all your prayers! Here are a couple pics from Easter. 🙂