Family Update September 2013

The Shannons

Things continue to go great for the Shannons as we adjust to now being a family of 8!

Kidist and Mihiret fit so well in our family.  There still is adjustment to having a 2 year old and a 2 month old added into the mix, but we now can’t imagine life without them.  They are bonding well and growing.  Of course our other 4 love and care for them so well.

Mihiret at 5 weeks old.

Mihiret at 10 weeks old.

Christy has started back to school with the kids.  Joshua is in 9th Grade, Micah in 6th Grade, Caia in 4th Grade and little Hanna has started to Kindergarten.  They have very full days between homeschooling and caring for the new ones.  Christy also continues to work at EHE part time training and equipping our staff, so she stays very busy.

Our good friend Katie is living with us until December and she has been a huge help.  Between helping to get the school launched as well as helping our 2 new little ones to settle in at home, she is a God send.

Kidist leaving the orphanage.

Kidist September 2013.

The past 2 months have been exceptionally busy as different members of our family had to make 8 trips to Hawassa (4 hour drive) to work on the adoptions.  It made it even more challenging when the Land Cruiser was overheating and we turned a 4 hour drive into a 7 hour drive on a number of occasions.  Sitting along the roadside with 2 kids who don’t yet know you screaming in the car and bystanders staring in the windows while waiting for the car to cool down enough to continue is not our idea of relaxing fun 🙂  But, now the car is fixed and all is well again!


Jerry keeps busy at International Evangelical Church.  He is just finishing up a series in the Book of Acts that took almost all Summer.  It has been an exciting season of working on strategy and dreaming about what kind of an impact IEC could have on Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  and the world through the 50+ nationalities represented.  We will be having a busy fall as we host the Global Leadership Summit in October, which will include a live presentation by former Ethiopia Prime Minister, Tamrat Layne.   We will also have John Piper with us in November, along with a lot of other exciting happenings in the congregation.  Jerry is also still serving with EHE both on the US side as well as in an advisory role in Ethiopia.


The Derloshons

Things are busy as we wrap things up in preparation for our move.
We are now fully funded for our 1-time expenses and 93% of our monthly support.  We’re so close!!!  (An update here is that monthly support now stands at 95% and we’ll be booking our tickets any day now).
In the past few weeks we’ve celebrated Hazel’s 6th Birthday, traveled to the Creation Museum where we stayed in a hotel and visited IKEA the following morning, and made the first of many trips to the apple orchard before the move.

Hazel’s Birthday Donut!

Visiting the Creation Museum.

In the next couple weeks, Zek, Adam (myself) and Christie will all be celebrating birthdays.

At the Apple Orchard.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers, it truly means the world to us!