Family Update – June 2012

We also have a very busy summer with guests almost every week from different parts of the world.  Some are teams as large as 20 people and others are individuals.  It is great for the kids as they get to meet so many different people from all over the world, but it also takes its tolll as they’ve had to say many goodbyes.

The rainy season is just beginning here with sporadic rains.  We need the rain so badly…yet are not looking forward to having rain day after day soon.

The children are just finishing up their school year – 2 more days!   Joshua is finishing up 7th grade, Micah 4th grade, and Caia 2nd grade.  Hanna can’t wait until it becomes her turn.

We’ll be celebraing 2 birthdays soon.  Joshua will turn 13!  Crazy to think about.  Caia will turn 8. Even crazier to consider.

If you make it to the Addis Ababa area, please look us up…we’d love to have you stop by.