Family Update April 2012

Here are a few updates from around our house…

– Everyone continues to grow at breakneck speed.  School is going very well for everyone and they are loving to read more than ever.

– Someone in the US brought Caia a knitting kit.  She is loving learning how to knit.  loving it.

– Joshua and Micah are quite the young men.  Recently for Christy’s Birthday, the two of them worked together to bake her a cake (from scratch).  They then put their creativity skills to work, worked together and iced the cake.  It was a huge treat that we savored for a couple  of days.

– Hanna is doing incredible.  She LOVES getting dressed up for church.  Every Sunday morning starts at 6:30 am with her out of bed begging to get a beautiful dress to wear.

– Joshua is coming off a mystery virus the knocked him out for almost 3 weeks.  He was so tired and not himself.  Now, he’s regaining energy and getting back on top – Praise God!

– Because of the expansion of the Day Care as well as a number of teams that we’ve had in, the children had been spending more time weekly at the Day Care and taking a bit of a break from school.  However, Christy and they are now hitting it hard again.

– Our family recently switched churches and are attending a great church named International Evangelical Church that is much closer to our house, therefore helping us to get more connected.  Every Sunday we are finding someone to head out to lunch with and are really enjoying it there, while at the same time missing the church we used to attend that is simply too far away.  Christy and Jerry will start teaching in the Childrens Ministry there in a couple of weeks.  Christy with the 6 year olds and Jerry with the 12 year olds.

– Christy and Jerry recently took a basic at a distance medical course for dealing with children in High HIV settings through Missions Medics and The Vineyard College of Missions in Boise, ID.  The practical part occurred when the Boise team was here.  It is good to have a better handle on some of the diseases that we see such as measles, impetigo, leprosy, ringworm and the beginning stages of pneumonia.  We feel better equipped to intervene and refer quickly.

– While the Boise team was here we had the privilege of touring both the Alert Hospital which is one of the premiere hospitals for leprosy and TB in Africa as well as the Hamlin Fistula hospital that is working to give women their lives back.  Hamlin Fistula was made popular through the book Hospital by the River and the documentary “A Walk to Beautiful.”  Both of them are worth checking out.

– We appreciate the outpouring of love and support that we receive from all of you on a regular basis.  Thank you for being with us and behind us.