What if You were so close to a Life Change?

Frahawit & her son Kibroome

One of our Moms who is currently on the edge as a vulnerable mom, barely able to stay afloat, is also on the edge of something else – an education that could be a game changer for her and her son.

Recently our social worker asked Frahawit about her past and he learned something very surprising.  Not only had Frahawit completed school, but she also had finished her first semester of nursing school before she took a break to give birth to Kibrome.  His birth was a change for her which meant that she shifted from her role as a student to instead being the only care giver in Kibrome’s life.  She has never been able to go back, BUT she wants to.

Here’s the potential game changer for her.  She only needs to finish another 5 semesters of nursing college to get her nursing degree.  Right now she is washing clothing as a day laborer and perhaps making a few Birr per day.  If she could finish her nursing degree she would have the potential of making 1,500 – 3,000 ETB per month.  To finish nursing school she would need less than $1,000 USD total for all 3 years of nursing school.  That’s less than many in the West spend on their cable bill for 1 year!

Our first task is to find Family Sponsors for Frahawit and her son Kibrome.  If you’d be willing to sponsor their family, please drop us an email.  There are 4 slots available for their family (at $34 per month) or you can take all 4 at $136 per

Kibroome is a happy guy!

month. After that, we would love to dream of ways that we could support her in finishing her degree and seeing a cycle broken for her and Kibrome.  Frahawit has a soft, caring heart and we’d love to see her empowered in serving others with all that God has put in her.

You hear those commercials day in and day out on TV and Radio about Degree Completion Programs and how they can change someone’s life.  While those advertisements may be overstating the point, here is the potential of a Degree Completion Program for Frahawit that I truly believe has that potential!

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