What happens next???

Today our social worker, Sisay, informed me that we now have a list with 36 families names on it – 36 families who meet the initial criteria to possibly be added to the project.  They all started showing up at our gate yesterday and continued to show up today.   Here is what happens next…

1.  We will take this list to the local government and ask them to review it, helping to determine if these people truly are the poorest of the poor.

2.  We will assess families based on our selection criteria.  To meet our criteria, a family must be a single parent household, make less than 300 ETB per month ($18), not be supported by any other organization, and the child must be 3 years old or less.

3.  We will do onsite visits to the homes of families that meet the criteria.  This visit is very helpful in making a determination.

We are waiting right now on a person to return to the local government office before we can move forward.  As soon as she is back to work, we’ll be free to move forward, with the hopes of having the new children start in the Day Care on February 1st.

Please pray for us as we enter into one of the hardest phases of any project – family selection.  Pray that we all are open to God’s voice in the midst of meeting with families and that we are able to demonstrate His love to those families we select as well as those families which we are not able to include in the project.

We’ll keep you posted.

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