What do we buy Jesus for Christmas?

For the past few years we’ve been winnowing down what we buy for Christmas.  Christy and I stopped giving gifts to each other a few years ago and each year along the way we’ve tried to make our giving more purposeful, relational and meaningful towards the kids.  Then last year, after reading A Holy Experience blog we decided to not give each other gifts at all – instead we would give Jesus gifts.  It was huge fun as we bought sheep and chickens and rabbits in each others names and then shared on Christmas morning with each other what we had given to Jesus in their honor by giving to the vulnerable throughout the world.

This year we’ll do the same…and we’re looking forward to doing it together, again.

Maybe this year you’d like to buy something for Jesus, but you’re not sure what to buy Him.  If you’re stuck, we’ve got a bunch of new families who will be joining the Day Care project in the new year and we’re going to need sponsors for them.  It might be fun for your family to give each other the gift this Christmas of helping a family to stay together in Ethiopia during this next year.

If you’d like information, drop Jerry an email at jerry@EmbracingHopeEthiopia.com.  We’ll even give you something you can print off to share with the family as you gather together on Christmas morning.

May you have an amazing Christmas…celebrating the coming of our Savior and King!

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