Tuesday’s Family to Preserve – Addis Agafari & Marta

Introducing Today’s  Mom and Child – Addis Agafari and Marta

Addis Agafari is 28 years old.  She is an amazing mother who on the outside would appear to have very little going for her.  She has only completed the 5th Grade, which means that many jobs are outside of her educational level.  She lives in the slum area and pays $28 USD per month for her small room with mud sides and tin roof that is smaller than most small Western bathrooms.  Her husband left her and went to an unknown place when greener pastures seemed to be calling him.

And, on top of all of this, Addis has a disability.  Her one leg has been amputated and she wears a prosthesis while also walking with a crutch.  To many in this society, that leaves her with only one lot in life – to try to beg her way to sustenance.

But, Addis also has a lot going for her.  She has her one year old little girl named Marta.  And while life has thrown so much her way that would cause many of us to crumble, Addis keeps pressing on giving her all to her daughter.

This is where EHE comes in – and where you come in, too.  We have seen a determination in Addis to embrace hope.  While she has many potential excuses, she uses none of them.  Rather, she wants someone to partner with her and here we are.  We believe that God sent her to us…and now we get to work alongside what He was already doing behind the scenes in her life.

You can help Addis and Marta to embrace a new chapter in their lives – one that turns away from a cycle of poverty and one that turns toward embracing hope in all of life.

If you would like more information on this family, please this link. click for more info on Marta and Addis Agafari

If you would be interested in sponsoring Addis Agafari’s family, please click this link  click here to sign up to sponsor this family.

Fully Sponsorships cost $136 per month, but it is also possible to do a partial sponsorship of $34, $68 or $108 per month.

Your sponsorship provides the following: Free Day Care, Early Childhood Education, Education and After School care for older children, Hygiene Supplies, Free Health Care for Mom and Child, 2 Nutritious Meals per day plus Snack, Extra Nutritional Support for 80% of the children, Clothing, One on one social worker attention, Life Skills Training for Moms, Micro-Grants, Special Supports for Special Cases including HIV, and Literacy Development.

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