This Mother’s Day – Honor a Mother all year long.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and this year we’re asking you to think outside the box.

Abeba & Fikadu

Mother’s Day is that time of year where we honor those vital women in our lives who have sacrificed so much for us – starting by giving us life.   This year, we’re asking you to consider honoring a mom over 10,000 miles away.   These moms live on the edge, sacrificing a lot for their children…yet, they struggle to provide even the basics for them.

Abebech & Danial

Would you consider sponsoring one of our families this Mother’s Day?  You’d be honoring a mom whose got no one (yes, no one) to honor her and providing a way for hope to be embraced for herself and her child.

Here’s what you do.  Jump over to where you will find a bunch of families waiting to be sponsored.  You’ll be able to see under their pictures who still needs sponsors.  Click on the link and you’ll be taken to a sign up form.  Its pretty easy and painless.

Awekech & Tedros

And, if you’d like to do it in honor of your Mom, we’d welcome that and we’ll be sure to recognize your mom and the gift you’ve given in her honor.  As much as your Mom would love another bouquet of flowers, its possible that she might enjoy even more knowing that she’s helping to make a difference in another mom’s life on a whole other continent.

Bayeesh & Nuhami

Would you also join us in praying for the moms in our project.  Pray that they would continue to know God’s love for them in ever deepening ways.

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