The Next Phase

If you saw the news over the past couple of weeks on the site, you would have read that we now have all of the families in the project sponsored – which is huge.   We are so grateful to the different individuals, families, groups, and churches that chose to be involved in partnering with a family through EHE.  But, what’s next?

We are now in the middle of pulling together sponsors for Phase 2.  This phase will involve us adding an additional 25 – 30 families to the project.  We are so privileged to be in a position where we can start considering seeing more families with the opportunity to embrace hope in all of life.   However, it still will be a bit of a process before we get those names and faces to share with you.  As we go around speaking we’ll start gathering those who have an intent to sponsor and then petition the government for permission to add those families to the project.

So, where do I come in?  Great question.  While we don’t have names and faces and families to post on the website yet, we are in need of folks who are willing to note their intent to sponsor.   So, if you are interested in sponsoring a family, please drop us an email at sponsorship@embracinghopeethiopia and let us know of your desire.  Then, as we get a bit further down the road we’ll be in touch and share photos and stories with you.

Thank you for all that you do in making this dream a reality!

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