The Joy of Family Updates

I just finished the last of the family updates last night, and it is so sweet to look and see all that God is doing in the lives of these beautiful women and their amazing children. If you sponsor a family, watch for your update to arrive in your inbox soon.

Below you will find 2 updates for families that are still in need of sponsors. Please take some time to read about their story, the advancements that they are making with just a little bit of support and some hands partnering with them, and take a moment to pray for them. These are amazing women who love their kids and whom are embracing hope one step at a time. (Just click on the image to make big)

If you or a friend are interested in sponsoring one of these families or other families, click through to!

It truly is wonderful watching God at work.

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  1. Hi Jerry! This is Traci, of Traci and Matt Feaster. We visited Embracing Hope at the end of May with our newly adopted baby boy. Hoping you remember us. I have been trying to reach you by email, but it’s been unsuccessful! We have GREAT news to discuss with you!! Please email me at when you have a moment! God bless!

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