The Great Things God Keeps Doing

I wanted to share with you a short post from our most recent newsletter.  It shows the incredible work that God keeps doing in the lives of the Mothers that EHE serves.  Here are 4 Moms whose lives are being changed as new opportunities are given to them.  Thank you for partnering with them – and please keep spreading the word so that others can be served too!

3 Moms Stories

Three Great Ways our Family Sponsors have made a difference.
Your monthly family sponsorship money truly has the potential to make a great difference in the lives of Mothers. Consider the 4 mothers pictured above…

1. Dasash (at left) has a new means of providing for her son Sale Amlak (as well as her 3 other children)! Because of an EHE grant, Dasash was able to start engaging in sheep fattening. The local Woreda has been generous in giving her a license and a plot to use. Now, because of family sponsorships, Dasash received a grant to buy her first sheep. She recently sold off the first round and she made a great profit!

2. Abeba and Tsehaye (middle, left to right) now have a new business to provide for their children! Ababa’s son Fikadu and Tsehaye’s children Mikiyas and Samrawete can be provided for because of an EHE grant in partnership with the local gov’t, that has enabled them to start a brush and broom making business together. Both of them are unable to engage in heavy labor because of physical challenges, so this work is perfect for them. They love having their own workplace and are growing their income.

3. Awetash (at right) now has her OWN Hair Salon thanks to an EHE grant. Because of this new opportunity, she is better able to provide for herself and her daughter Mekdelawit. Your family sponsorship has meant that she could stop working for another salon where she did not even make enough to cover the basics – and now she can work for herself and grow her business. Thank you for caring enough to see a difference made in her life.

Sponsorship changes lives. Join us.

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  1. So love hearing these stories of amazing women that don’t want just a fish. God is so moving at EHE.

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