Meet One of The Families – Day 2

Danial & Abebech

Danial & Abebech

Abebech and her son Danial are a beautiful family. Abebech, who now is 27 years old,  grew up in Gojam, Northern Ethiopia before moving to Kore.  Abebech has not had formal schooling and can neither read nor write which is common among those who have moved into Kore from Northern Ethiopia.    She now washes clothes as a day laborer when she can find work, but needing to take Danial with her is a challenge.  So, now with the Day Care, there is a safe place for Danial to go to where he can learn and play with others while she is free to find work and eventually will have our assistance in trying to help her find sustainable employment.

Danial is this amazing little boy, who while his age is listed as 6 months, he appears to be older because  he


is a very mobile little guy.   One of the things that stands out about Danial is that he LOVES men.  He will walk up to any man and hold his arms out to be held, but when he gets set down by a man he is not a happy camper 🙂

Like most families in Kore they live on very little – their house rent is $7US per month, so they live a life among the poorest of the poor, on the edge and very vulnerable.

Abebech and Danial’s story is similar to so many here.  She was married, but her husband divorced her, which is typically a polite way of saying that he left the family to fend for themselves without any kind of supports.

If you’d like a bit more information about Danial and his mom Abebech, click on the link below.  Danial and Abebech are available for sponsorship as there are 4 sponsorship slots available for their family.

Thank you for praying for this beautiful family and for considering sponsoring them.

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