Life Changing Education

We all know that education has great benefits.  We think of education as assisting in the breaking of cycles of poverty, opening up new opportunities, releasing creativity and creating productive citizens.

However, could education also transform the way a Mother looks at her children?

Today I heard about 2 moms who at a recent closing ceremony for last school year were overcome with emotion as they saw their children holding their report cards.

kids report cards

Some of the children with their report cards

Paraphrased, The one Mom said, “Friends always told me that because of my poverty, I should get rid of my daughter and keep my son.  They encouraged me to abandon her, kill her, do anything – just get rid of her.   But now, I see her holding that report card and I see her value.”  She was so grateful that she never listened to those friends.

Another Mom choked out how she had unsuccessfully tried to abort her child chemically numerous times because she was so poor.  Her child survived.  Now, she beamed with pride as she saw her child’s accomplishment in completing her first school year and she was so glad that her child had lived.

She was not a burden, but rather a gift.

Bringing value.  Instilling hope.  Changing mindsets.   What an encouragement to see what God is doing in the lives of Mothers and their children.  What a privilege we have to not only provide Day Care, but to also to have a school where children can be educated year after year.

Thank you for partnering with us in this work.  And, if you have not yet joined in, please check out our family sponsorship page where there are a number of families whom you can partner with –


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