Give a Gift that Lasts this Christmas

We need your help…

In these next 2 weeks as we continue to turn our attention to Jesus’ coming and how He changes everything, would you help to spread the word about how a difference can be made in Jesus’ name among families in EHE’s Program?

The truth is that for a fraction of what many families spend on Christmas gifts for each other, a family can be included in our project in Ethiopia where their family can be preserved and orphans prevented.

For half of what the average Christmas dinner will cost or less than the cost of a live tree, a family can partner with one of our families.

We’re not asking you nor others to forego your traditions, unless you feel so led…rather we are asking you to consider a new tradition in addition to your others.

What if this year you chose to partner with a family through family sponsorship and then you engaged in praying for them throughout the year. Its not just your finances that make a lasting difference – your prayers are agents of transformation in the lives of those most in need.

Today we start this countdown to Christmas with one of our families. Would you consider partnering with them this Christmas season? They have 4 sponsorship slots of $34 per month remaining. Take one slot or take all…and make a difference this Christmas.

Habtamu and His Mom Adenech

Below is the story for Habtamu and his Mom.


 Since coming to EHE, Adanech is now able to go to work everyday and Habtamu is in a safe caring place during the day.  Adenech and Habtamu no longer have to beg!  Habtamu is becoming nourished and is thriving.  At the same time he gets to go home with Mom every single night.

Here is the newest photo of Habtamu – just 4 months after entering into EHE’s Program.


Habtamu and Adenech are tasting of the dignity that is found in and through Jesus.  They are embracing hope.

Please consider joining with them on this journey!  Click here to express your interest in sponsoring them or visit for more info about family sponsorship.

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