Family Sponsorship – Help us to get Mehalet and Habtam sponsored.

Help us to focus on seeing our families get sponsored one at a time.  By doing so, you are helping us to make room to serve more moms.

Mahelet and Habtam

Mahelet and Habtam

Today, Help us to find sponsors for Habtam and his mother Mehalet.   Habtam is 2 1/2 years old.  Mehalet is 28 years old, illiterate, and without resource to keep her family intact and healthy without the partnership that EHE provides.

Maybe you are able to sponsor them.  If so, jump in at $34, $68. $102 or $136 per month.  If so, Click on this link and sign up.

If not, please engage your networks and help advocate for sponsorship for                  .  Spread the word.  Talk about EHE.  Help others to see the importance of preserving families and preventing orphans – one family at a time.

Maybe this sounds like too much commitment.  We get that.  Would you consider making a donation to our fund that helps support those families who do not yet have full sponsorship.  To do so, Click here and put your gift in as Family Sponsorships.

Your partnership means so much to us!  Thank you!



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