Day 8 – Another Family Needing Sponsored

Today as you consider giving gifts that make a lasting difference, please partnering with EHE in helping this family. Family Sponsorships start at just $34 per month. And please keep spreading the word.

Getachew and Lemlem

Below is the story for Getachew and Lemlem

ehe 219 - Gatachew - 2At the time of admission into the project, Lemlem was struggling because she could no longer work.  This meant she had no money for food or housing or any of her other needs.  Over time she would be faced with needing to give up her child Getachew unless there was intervention.

Lemlem’s story is so similar to many other Moms in the project.  While she had a husband, he left the family alone in the slum without skills or education or work – to fend for themselves while refusing to take any responsibility for his family.   It left Lemlem and Getachew in a terrible situation.

Now, Getachew comes to our Day Care center 5 days per week where he is fed nutritious food, given a safe clean environment, cared for by caring care-givers, provided socialization, given the opportunity to learn through creative means and best of all he gets to go home with his  Mom every night. Their family is preserved.

At the same time Lemlem is back to work and is dreaming about what she would like to do next.  She is seeing dignity restored and hope is alive.  Now she is able to see a glimpse of light and she seems very willing to take hold of the opportunity.

Here is an updated photo of Getachew.  This photo was taken on his 2nd Birthday.


Please consider partnering with us in the care of Getachew and Lemlem. We have 4 sponsorship slots remaining for them. Please consider taking one slot at $34 per month or get some friends and family members involved and take all 4.

They are tasting of the dignity that is found in and through Jesus. They are embracing hope.
Please consider joining with them on this journey!

Click here to express your interest in sponsoring them or visit sponsorships/ for more info about family sponsorship.

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