Day 4 – A Family Needing Sponsored

Today as you consider giving gifts that make a lasting difference, please partnering with EHE in helping this family. Family Sponsorships start at just $34 per month. And please keep spreading the word.

Leyuwerk and Tomiyas.
Below is the story for Leyuwerk and Tomiyas.


Leyuwerk is one of our heroes.  She has faced a lot of difficulty in her life.  Having at one time lived as a household servant in a foreign land.  While having gotten pregnant at an inopportune time and not by choice and chosen to keep her baby.

At the time of admission into the project, Leyuwerk was struggling because there was no one to watch little Tomiyas so that she could work.  Not being able to work and with no safety net in place, it meant that their capacity to stay together as a family was in danger.

Now, Tomiyas comes to our Day Care center 5 days per week where he is fed nutritious food, given a safe clean environment, cared for by caring care-givers, provided socialization, given the opportunity to learn through creative means and best of all he gets to go home with his Mom every night.  Their family is preserved.

In the meantime, Leyuwerk is seeing dignity restored one step at a time. She is growing in having a community of people around her and is seeing Jesus’ love presented in action every day. She is no longer alone.

Here is an updated photo of Tomiyas.   He is just about to turn 9 months old!  He is beautiful.

 182 TOMIYASPlease consider partnering with us in the care of Leyuwerk and Tomiyas. We have 4 sponsorship slots remaining for them. Please consider taking one slot at $34 per month or get some friends and family members involved and take all 4.

They are tasting of the dignity that is found in and through Jesus. They are embracing hope.

Please consider joining with them on this journey!

Click here to express your interest in sponsoring them or visit sponsorships/ for more info about family sponsorship.

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