Day 3 – Another Family Needing Sponsored

Today as you consider giving gifts that make a lasting difference, please partnering with EHE in helping this family. Family Sponsorships start at just $34 per month. And please keep spreading the word.

Yordanos, her Dad Simachew and her Mom Serkalem

Here is a great story of courage and the beginnings of healing.  We start first with  Yurdanos’ intake story.


When Yordanos first came into the project, she was only under the care of her father.  Her mother, Tesfanesh, had been put in the mental health hospital and there was concern about whether she would ever be released.  This meant that Yordanos’ father could not work as a result.

In many situations like this, a father would give up his child.  He would find anyone who could care for the child.  But not Simachew.  He acted like a real man and cared for her even while his wife was away.

This placed him in a difficult situation, acting as a single Dad.  How could he care for Yordanos and work?  It was an impossible situation.

EHE was able to intervene.  Now Yordanos is in school.  Now Simachew is working.  And, Praise God that Tesfanesh has been discharged.  She is home and is working, too.   At the same time EHE’s staff is in her life and able to give her supports and encouragement as she continue son her journey.    We are grateful that we could have the flexibility to intervene in this situation that was a bit out of the ordinary.

Here is the most recent photo of Yordanos…in her school uniform…Check out that smile 🙂  .  She is nourished and learning.  She and her family are embracing hope.


As we continue our countdown to Christmas, would you consider partnering with this family this Christmas season? They have 4 sponsorship slots of $34 per month remaining. Take one slot or take all…and make a difference this Christmas.

Please consider joining with them on this journey! Click here to express your interest in sponsoring them or visit for more info about family sponsorship.

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