Day 2 – Families Needing Sponsored

Today as you consider giving gifts that make a lasting difference, please partnering with EHE in helping this family.    Family Sponsorships start at just $34 per month.  And please keep spreading the word.

Etagegn and her children.

Below is the story for Etagegn and her children.
ehe 210 - kalkidan - 2

Etagegn’s story is a rough one.  The mother of 4 children, her husband passed away leaving her with no one to provide.  She has not had a formal education and no job skills.  So, she did what any Mom would do who loved her children and wanted to hold on to them.  She took to the streets and started begging in an attempt to provide.

Over time the health of all of the family members started to decline.  They were in a desperate situation as malnourishment continued to take its toll.  While we heard about their plight, we had no way to assist them at first because the program was full.  However, in time, we were able to welcome them into the program.

Two of the children, Kalkidan (age 4) and Fikir (age 2) have been welcomed into the project fully.  The two older children Melkam and Meseret are attending the EHE School where they are receiving an education, nourishment and health care.  Here are their recent photos – 4 months after entering the project.









 Since coming to EHE, Etagegn is able to work daily because she no longer has to worry about her children.   And every day, Fikir, Kalkidan, Melkam and Meseret enter into an environment of safety, love, nourishment, health and learning.

Please consider partnering with us in the care of this family.  We have 8 sponsorship slots remaining for them.  Please consider taking one slot at $34 per month or get some friends and family members involved and take all 8.

This whole family tasting of the dignity that is found in and through Jesus. They are embracing hope.
Please consider joining with them on this journey!

Click here to express your interest in sponsoring them or visit sponsorships/ for more info about family sponsorship.

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