A Challenge to Day Cares and Preschools

As we have traveled in the US these past few months talking about Embracing Hope Ethiopia, I have been struck by how similar some of the issues that the Families we work with in Ethiopia are to issues that families in the West face.

One of those core issues is – Who is going to take care of my child so that I can go to work?   How will I be sure that my child is given a safe, clean place where they can grow socially and cognitively?   How will I be sure that my child is given a head start in education?   How will I be sure that my child is given opportunity to mature holistically?

While the Moms we work with may not be able to verbalize all of those concerns, they have them.  They face a challenge – if there is no one to take care of my child, then I cannot work and as a single Mom, there is no one else to help me.

Banchi and Ananiya

Banchi and Ananiya

In many ways, the story of Banchi pictured here, is not that much different than many other Moms stories.  She needs someone to care for her child so that she can go to work.

We now have 74 new Moms and their children whom we get the privilege of being that one that helps.  We get to care for the child so that Mom can go to work.  We get the privilege of setting Mom at ease that her child is going to grow holistically while she can get the employment and education to provide for her child.

However, we need your help.   We are putting out a challenge to Day Care Centers and Preschools to consider pulling together to partner with these families through family sponsorships.  You understand their challenges.  You understand how to pray for these Moms and kids.  You have children who are common ages and you have dreams for them very similar to what these Moms have.

As a Mom or Dad of a Preschooler, please put a challenge out to others in your Day Care or Preschool or MOPS group to consider pulling together to sponsor a family.  Sponsorships start at just $34 per month.   You can view the profiles of those families needing sponsored at www.EmbracingHopeEthiopia.com/sponsorships/  .  Take a look and invite others to join in.  With just over 140 family sponsorship slots remaining, we need your partnership.

Thank you for partnering with Moms and Children.  Partnering with them through sponsorship changes lives.


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