Bring on The Rain! We’ve got Coats!

While we do live in Africa, it still gets cold here.  Now, to our friends in Upstate New York, it is a whole different brand of cold…but trust me it gets chilly during the rainy season.  And yes, the rains have begun.  Mud. Cold. Humid. Stormy. Make you want to move here, yet?  Fortunately it is only 3 months long and we are still seeing the sun most days right now. Rain is a good thing.


For the families in the project the rainy season is an especially harsh time.  The roads and alleys close to their homes become knee deep in mud (and other brown mushy things), the chill of no insulation and only mud walls makes it quite cold in their homes, the fleas start biting and the humidity brings the damp cold right into your bones.  Oh, and to top it all off, you can’t escape the mud, because your floor is made of mud, too.


But, into that comes a really fun, bright spot.   Yesterday was Jacket Day around the day care.  Every child in the Day Care got a great, brand spanking new coat to keep them warm this rainy season.  It may seem out of place to see a child wearing a winter coat (and sometimes a snookie cap) in the middle of Ethiopia, but it will keep them warm and keep the elements out.   They are grateful and so are their Moms.  Actually, that’s an understatement.

We also are grateful to the many of you who donated money and coats this past year.  These donations of quality coats and / or the money to have new ones scooped off the clearance racks after the East Coast winter help us greatly!


We thank you…and so do the children and the moms who are now prepared for another rainy season.

Thank you!


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