Bless 2 Moms this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner…and what are you going to get Mom this year?

Have we got an idea for you.  This not only gets you off the hook for giving a Mother’s Day gift that is going to be meaningful for Mom, but you also will be blessing a Mom here in Ethiopia all at the same time.  You will be making it possible for a Mom here to continue caring for her child and continuing acting as a mother for her child.

Here’s the deal.  This Mother’s Day consider giving a Family Sponsorship in honor of your mom.  These sponsorships start at $34/month and through them you will be providing tangible love to a single Mom and her child here in Ethiopia.  This sponsorship will provide free day care, job training, micro-enterprise grant, supplemental food, hygiene supplies, education, free health care, clothing and more in a holistic environment.

You’ll be honoring your mom while helping Moms like these:

Aster & her son Yared

Etenesh & her son Eyob

Yeshi Werke and her son Yeabsera

In return, we’ll send your Mom a special email letting her know about the gift that you have given in her honor and also send her a necklace (similar to the ones below) that have been handcrafted from recycled magazines by one of the moms in the project.  (While the necklace won’t quite make it there in time for Mother’s Day, we promise to get it there as soon as we can).


We’ll also be keeping your mom  in touch throughout the year about how the family is doing and how she can be praying for the Mom and her child.

To give a sponsorship in honor of your Mom, check out the sponsorship page at where you can choose a family to sponsor.  Then drop us an email at and let us know who you’d like a sponsorship in honor of.

Honoring your mom while providing for a mom here…we think its a special gift that your mom is going to be blessed by…while also blessing a mom here in Ethiopia.

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