August 7th is right around the corner…

August 7th is not just any day, but rather its the day that we’ll be leaving for furlough back to the US after being here in Ethiopia for almost 2 years.  It is a surreal feeling as we approach that day, as Ethiopia in so many ways feels like home now.  With that said, we are really looking forward to seeing family and friends, as well as sharing on many different occasions about what God is doing here in Kore among a great bunch of moms and their kids as well as our amazing staff.

However, we would love to mark August 7th in a different way.  We would love to be getting on that plane to head back to the US with all of the sponsorship slots filled and all 30 families provided for.  This would then give us the freedom while back in the US to talk about a new phase for EHE – a phase in which we hope to add an additional 20 families to the project.   As we travel around to various churches, open houses and special meetings we would love to be able to say that the first phase is funded…and then look to the future of partnering with more of the poorest of the poor families in the area who are at the back of the line and for whom this project could bring about hope and change.

We are so close to seeing this dream become a reality by August 7th.  We now have less than 30 sponsorship slots to fill.  How cool is that?  And, we’ve got 12 days to do it.  Would you join us in praying for this to become a reality…and if God so moves on your heart choose to become a family sponsor along the way?

We look forward to seeing many of you in the US and Canada after August 7th…and talking more about what is next!

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