A Sponsorship Goal…Can you help us reach it?

It has been amazing around the Day Care as we have watched 59 children settle in, growing in health and seeing Moms with a renewed sense of hope.  My words can’t quite convey the amazing things we watch The Holy Spirit do on a daily basis, but I’ll ask you to trust me in how sweet it truly is.

The very sweet part is that in 20 short days we’ll celebrate the 1st Birthday of the Day Care and Holistic Family Intervention.  It will be a great celebration of all that God has done in the lives of the families – they are still together and doing well as they grow in health and wholeness – we are grateful that God gave us the privilege of sharing in what He is doing in their lives.

Now comes the goal…we would love to celebrate our 1st Birthday with all of the families fully sponsored.  We only have 14 families still on the website who need friended (sponsored) – how cool is that?  We’ve seen so many people stepping up to friend families in  just the past 2 weeks.  Can you help us?  Can you keep spreading the word by pointing people to www.EmbracingHopeEthiopia.com/sponsorships  We’d deeply appreciate it.

We also have had 3 more families come to us who are in very desperate need.  It looks like we may soon be able to add them to the project, too…so there may be a couple of more families you’ll see pop up on the site too.  Fortunately, while we are licensed for 60, we do have a 10% leeway, so we can add a few more as God sends Moms our way.

Thank you for partnering with us…without you we would not be able to partner with moms and children in sharing God’s mercy, compassion and love.

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