A Family Sponsorship Wall – You can help these families.

Here is a wall of families yet to be sponsored in our project. These are young children of the poorest of the poor single moms who live on the edge in a slum of Addis Ababa. Without intervention there is a good chance they would need to give up their children.  With someone partnering with them, we have seen time and time again a dignity restored, a hope embraced and a cycle broken.  You can help these courageous moms by sponsoring a family. You can help preserve a family and prevent an orphan.

Click on their photo and you’ll be taken to a profile for them.  Hover over the photo and you will see information about the child.  While you are here, please pray for them.  They are courageous moms – many of whom are leaving begging and the only life they knew behind – in search of something better for them and their child.

Family Sponsorships start at $34 per month.

Your sponsorship provides the following: Free Day Care, Early Childhood Education, Education and After School care for older children, Hygiene Supplies, Free Health Care for Mom and Child, 2 Nutritious Meals per day plus Snack, Extra Nutritional Support for 80% of the children, Clothing, One on one social worker attention, Life Skills Training for Moms, Micro-Grants, Special Supports for Special Cases including HIV, and Literacy Development.

You can also view all of these families at www.EmbracingHopeEthiopia.com/sponsorships/


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