40 New Families! Time for Celebration and a step of faith.

After not being in the office yesterday, imagine my excitement to arrive this morning and find 38 Moms with their 40 children waiting to have their photo taken – a task that marks their official entry into the project.  Woo Hoo!  Beautiful moms who radically love their children and who now have an opportunity in front of them.

And then my next thought was, “What have I done?  We now need to find sponsors for all of these families!”  We firmly believe that we are called to invite families into the project and then look for sponsors for them.  Actually a more accurate term here would be that we trust God that He will find them.  Time after time after time God has shown up in this process.  After all His love goes much deeper than what any of our loves could ever be for these moms and kids.  His desire to see them free and cared for far exceeds any desire He has placed inside of me.  And, He takes care of it over and over again through His people.

I still feel my heart flutter a bit when I take that last step off of the diving board, though.  The butterflies start coming up inside of me and a tinge of stress starts to settle in. Life moves in slow motion as somehow I am suspended in air. There’s no turning back.  Up till now it has all been ramping up and waking across the board – but now we’ve officially taken that last step and we’re suspended in air.

To see these Moms  with hope in their eyes is so worth it.  I’ll take the leap.

For now all I have are a bunch of photos to share of most of these amazingly beautiful families who are going to be joining our already amazingly beautiful families in about one weeks time.  But,  by the end of the week we’ll start posting profiles telling the stores of these families and asking you to consider leaping with us through family sponsorships and church partnerships.   For now, please pray for all of our staff (old and new)  as we are in the midst of a crazy time, AND pray for these incredible Moms and their children.  They’ve stepped off of a board themselves.

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