Updates! Updates! Updates!

Today I finally was able to finish the updates for the newest families in the project.  This is one of my favorite things as I get to see the ways that God is already bringing about change in the lives of these families.  If you sponsor a family and did not get an update from me, please drop me an email.

The other thing I love about update time is that I know there are sponsors who love seeing the physical changes in the photos and reading about how the family is doing, but more importantly who will use that information to engage in prayer for the families!

We still have a number of families who need sponsors.  I am posting some of their updates here so that you can be in prayer for them.  Please also keep passing the word about these families.  We’d love to have everyone sponsored soon and with only about 30 some sponsorship slots remaining, it is very possible to do.   With a few churches, small groups, families and individuals involved, we’ll have them all sponsored soon.

Here are some of their updates.  Click on the thumbnail to see the larger version.  If you would like to sponsor one of these families, drop us an email at sponsorship(at)EmbracingHopeEthiopia.com  or check out the sponsorship page at www.EmbracingHopeEthiopia.com/sponsorships

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