Moms’ Day 2012

On Saturday, June 30th we celebrated our first Mom’s Day – a day when we pull all of the families together for a short time of training, but mostly to celebrate together through testimony sharing, eating and community building.

What an amazing time it was.  It was overwhelming to look around and see 58 of the 61 families present – and they all are still together.  Loving moms with their children, building relationship with other moms who also live on the edge.  Wow!




And to look around and see child after child who had struggled with health or nutrition at some point in the past year and a half, but now they are growing and thriving.


Here are what a few of the Moms spoke of during the testimony time. Thank you for helping to make a difference through your support and your prayers! Together we can continue to make a difference.

– My other children used to have to stay home to school to care for their younger sister. Now, I can go to work and my children are able to get an education. I also was suffering with a toothache, but EHE arranged for it to be taken care of. Aberu. (side note: Thank you Ethiopia Smile)

– Because I am still a high school student I used to have to sit at home with my child. Now I am able to get an education that will help me find good work. Tsehaywe.

– Before I was getting 10 cents and 25 cents sitting by the road begging. Others wanted to take my children. Now my children and I are doing fine and living a better life. My children are growing and healthy. Tsehaye.

– I am really happy because my child is here at EHE. Typically a child with disabilities like my son is hidden within our culture. But not so, now. Now I see hope even in just having him be part of the Day Care. Yeshi Hareg.

– My child got sick and had to be admitted to the hospital. Without EHE I had no hope to take her to the hospital. Because of EHE’s help and God’s provision I am very happy. Kalkidan.

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]I don’t have words to say what you did. My daughter was very sick. There are no words to explain, but my child survived because of your help.[/pullquote]

– Because of current economic conditions it is hard to even afford a match. EHE is helping me greatly. Mariyu.

– I didn’t think my child would grow to be like this. Thanks be to God and EHE. EHE’s staff paid a lot of sacrifice on behalf of my child and now he is healthy. Abeba.

– I don’t have words to say what you did. My daughter was very sick. There are no words to explain, but my child survived because of your help.  Now I have work and an income. I am so blessed. Merama.

– My child was sick with pneumonia. Because of the medical care you provided, he is now doing fine. Fantayu.

– I am uneducated. However, now I see that my child has a chance to get an education. Lem Lem.

– Just last week I got very sick. EHE provided medical care for me. Without that care there is a good chance I would not be around to care for this child. Gudaye.

“Photos from our Mom’s Day 2012…Look at all of these beautiful families, still together.”

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