EHE Ethiopian Christmas

It’s so good having all of the Moms under 1 roof at the same time.

On Friday, January 4th we had the privilege of sharing Ethiopian Christmas with 102 Mothers from the Project.  What a wonderful time to have all of these moms under one roof, sharing time together.

We had a great presentation by some of the children from the Pre-school class.  Check out the video of their singing.  Perhaps what is hardest to believe is that for many of these kids just 1 year ago (and for some just 2 months ago) they were on the street corner begging with their moms day in and day out.  Many of them were malnourished, sick and with little hope.  Now they are standing in front of their moms and singing away.  That is God’s goodness.

Debre, one of the moms, enjoying her day.

We also had the opportunity for a deacon within the Orthodox Church to share with the moms about the true meaning of Christmas.  What a wonderful time – God was definitely present among us.  He is wooing hearts behind the scenes in ways that only He can do.

We shared some food together, laughed and enjoyed each others’ company as well as had a brief meeting where the moms shared their questions and concerns.  We believe that the moms own this project more than anyone else does, so these are sweet times as we troubleshoot together some of the joys and concerns within the project.

EHE Director, Alayu, getting the clothing distribution started.

Afterwards, we distributed clothing for each child.  Every child received 2 shirts, 2 pairs of underwear, 2 pairs of socks and 2 pairs of pants.  Moms also received t-shirts.  When you multiply all of that by 110, lets just say there was a lot of clothing flying around to bless families practically.

Thank you for the ways you have partnered with us.  You are keeping families together and preventing orphans.

If you haven’t gotten in on the fun yet, there still are 122 sponsorship slots at $34 per month at  Together with these moms and kids we are seeing God do the incredible.

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