Literacy Update

We believe that literacy learning is vital for the moms who are part of the project.  This past year we had 52 Moms who were involved in the literacy program and recently we were able to graduate 17 of them!  It was a great honor as the local government also got involved in providing a literacy certificate for each Mom!

Moms Literacy

 For over half of the Moms entering the project, they are functionally illiterate.  Many of them cannot write their names.  Most of them have only made it through fourth grade.

Literacy Education provides these Moms with new opportunities.  Now they are able to continue in their education.  Now, they are able to grow towards new job options.  Now they have a restored sense of dignity and confidence as they no longer have to sign their name as an X or with a fingerprint.  They have an identity!

 Thank you for believing in the Moms of EHE and partnering with us so that they might grow in literacy.  It is making a difference – one Mom at a time.

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