EHE Kindergarten is ready…here is how you can help!

We’re almost ready to open the EHE Kindergarten in September.   The slide and merry go round are purchased.  The desks are on order.   Rooms are being moved around and soon teachers will be hired.  It is getting exciting!!

Some of the children who will be learning in the KG

Today I wanted to share with you some photos as well as get some info to you…
  1. What is the EHE Kindergarten?  Here in Ethiopia, Kindergarten is required in order to proceed on to 1st Grade.  However, because often times Kindergartens are private, it means that the poor are unable to afford Kindergarten and therefore cannot send their children to 1st Grade when it is time.  Kindergartens have also become a business model where many times the education and care are not of a high quality, but rather it is a business strategy.  Therefore, we are starting our own Kindergarten that will serve the kids enrolled in EHE and provide them with a quality education.

Children will continue to receive Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, all day care, clothing,  medical care, etc.  The Moms will also continue to receive supports as before.   The  only real change so far is that they will now also have an in- house, licensed formal education. 


2.  What Ages will you serve?  At first we will have a Nursery School class (for those age 3 – 4) and a Kindergarten 1 Class (for those ages 4 – 5) .   The children will be required to pass a government mandated exam in order to enter Nursery and then another exam in order to proceed to Kindergarten 1.   Our dream is then to grow the school with the children enrolled in EHE each year by adding another Grade level.  So next year we hope to offer KG 2, then the next year Grade 1 and on and on.


3. How will you staff it? Are you licensed?   Each class will have a Teacher and an Assistant Teacher.  In addition we will have a Head Teacher / Administrator and our support staff (cooks, cleaners, etc.) in addition to a Social Worker and Nurse.  Yes, we are licensed by the Kebele Education Department in addition to our license as an NGO.


4. What about the Day Care? The Day Cares will continue as in the past, except now at age 3 or 4 the children will

Our instructor, Zabesh, who has been giving Pre-KG learning to the Day Care children already.

enter into Nursery School.  It still will be a lot of learning by play, but in addition to formal learning.  It is similar to what we have been doing with education in the Day Care, but now in a formal, licensed way.   At the same time, every time we bump a child up into KG, we’ll fill his or her spot with a new young child  in need of Day Care.  So, this will actually give us more capacity to serve the very vulnerable young children and moms.


5.  What is the Bigger Picture?  The bigger picture is that we’ll now be able to walk a longer way with the families whom we serve.  As the children start to KG, we’ll start to wean the families off of some of the services we provide in order to enable them to stand on their own feet.   This gives us an opportunity to continue to encourage them and provide an education to children, while acknowledging that to continue an intensive intervention for too long could result in dependency.


How Do I Get Involved?  Right now there are 3 primary ways we can use your support.

  1. Pray for us as we launch.  We need your prayers.
  2. Give a one time donation.  You can help us by giving a personal donation, or better yet help us spread the word through Facebook  and even start your own Giving Campaign towards this work.   By inviting your friends to join in you are helping to prevent orphans and preserve families, while at the same time ensuring that children get a great start to their education.

We have a number of non-budgeted expenses to provide for, such as:

a. Play Ground Equipment (required by the authorities for licensing).  We now have purchased a slide and merry go round.    Cost:  $700 USD.

Our Shiny New Sliding Board!

A Merry Go Round waiting for the children.

 b.  Desks / Tables for the children to work at.   You’ll see from the photos that they now are on the floor working.  We have tables on order.  Cost: $2,000 USD (Approx.)

Your help in buying desks means the kids have a space to work at.

c.  Floor Covering for the School.  Cost: $200 USD.
d. Play Ground Area Prep Work .  Cost $100 USD.
e. Classroom Materials – Chalk Board and Assorted Materials.  Cost $200 USD.
3. Consider Family Sponsorship.   Your sponsorship of a family helps us in two ways.  The one is that it provides for a family in the project.  At the same time it helps us to make room for new families to come into the project.  We always are adding new families by faith, so your sponsorship gives us encouragement to take another step in helping other families.
As always, thank you for the amazing support that you provide us here at Embracing Hope Ethiopia!

2 Comments on “EHE Kindergarten is ready…here is how you can help!

  1. What a wonderful thing you are doing by starting the school. I have been teaching Preschool/Kindergarten for 30 years. I am Courtney Van Auken’s mom and would like to give a donation in memory of their little boy, Natnael. If I donated for the slide or merry go round, would it be possible to have his name put on it somewhere? I would just love to know that his little life made a difference in children’s lives like it has in our lives. Plus Courtney and her family could come and see it when they visited next. Let me know if that is possible. Thank you.

  2. Sherri. Thank you so much for your comment. Your daughter and son-in-law are such incredible people – we appreciate them so deeply.

    We could certainly find a way to have Natnael’s name on the slide or merry go round. It could mean that it will need to be painted on so that it stays, but we can find a way.

    We were so sorry that Natnael had such a short life…but I do believe that in that short span he touched many, as he did you.

    Thank you.

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