Who Could’ve Thunk This One Up?

Near the beginning of the year, we were becoming more and more convinced that we needed to use cloth diapers for the day care.  As much as disposables would have been easier, living next to the dump…well, we just couldn’t see putting diapers from 30 kids into that massive trash heap every day.  I used cloth diapers with Hanna, but knew that what I used wouldln’t be the best for a day care/ multi-kid setting, so I went on FaceBook and just asked the question “What would you suggest for a day care setting for cloth diapers.”  I knew I could tap into a wealth of information from all the folks I know who use cloth, but I never imagined it would turn out this way.

A friend we haven’t seen in a bunch of years, let’s call her Jenna, reposted my question because, even though she doesn’t have babies any more and never used cloth diapers, she knew she had friends who did and were knowledgeable.  That step right there was so cool – no matter the outcome.  The joys of social media.  Well, one of her friends (for the sake of the story, we’ll call her Shana) posted some info, along with the question “Why do you want to know?….you don’t have babies?!?”  Jenna told her she was asking for me, and told her more of what we were doing.  I then got a message from Shana.  Here’s a part of it:
The reason I’m messaging you is that the company my family started supports women’s and children’s ministries and we would love to help out! I was telling Jenna that it’s funny how God works sometimes. I decided out of the blue to use cloth diapers with my youngest a few months ago. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have thought twice about her post or learned about your ministry! I think there was a reason for my crazy whim;)

Well, this started a whirlwind of messages.  These women were amazing.  They did lots of research (such a blessing living in the land of bad internet!).  They asked me all the right questions.  They listened to all my opinions, concerns, circumstances/living conditions, thoughts, ramblings, etc.  They found distributors who would give us greatly reduced/at cost merchandise.  And in the end, these 2 women & the company Shana’s family started bought cloth diaper covers, flat diaper inserts & cool Snappis – the modern diaper pin – for 30 kids – enough for us to have enough to have a set on the kids and a set in the wash!  So incredibly amazing!!!!

Then, another woman I’ve never met but who found us on FB and lives close to where we lived before we moved here offered to bring the diapers over.  Imagine – I asked a total stranger if she would mind hauling 2 50lb boxes of diapers all the way to Ethiopia!!!  (blush)  And she said yes!!!!  Thank you, Josh & Candace Jones, for your generosity in being our “donkeys” (you’ve been to ET, you understand). 🙂

On Friday, March 18, we received all of our final signatures, stamps and approvals to open the daycare.  On Sunday, March 20, Candace & Josh deliveredd the diapers to our home.

Now, all we need are some little bums to put in those diapers!  And that should happen in the next few weeks!!!!

All from a FB post.  God is truly amazing.  I am speechless and in awe.
A HUGE shout out to Jenna Michaud, Shana Camara, and me2graphcs.  Thank you for all your hard work, your perseverance, and your willingness to allow God to use you.  You are a blessing!

8 Comments on “Who Could’ve Thunk This One Up?

  1. It is so amazing to see how God is moving in all of this! It encourages me to read this while I struggle with the unknowns in my life…God knows our needs, and He will supply for them above and beyond what we can even imagine!!

  2. It was such a God thing and I am SOOO glad and blessed to be a part of all you guys are doing in Ethiopia!!! 🙂 BLESS those little bums and the hands that care for them! 🙂

  3. Oh, I can’t tell you what a blessing it is to see that little diaper station!!! We’re praying for you all and those sweet little ones. God is going to do mighty things!

  4. @kim. praying for you guys. much love and grace to you during this time!

  5. Love this story! So often there are negative stories about social media… and yet… that’s how we met you!! God can and does work wonders in the most unusual ways!!!!

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