The next 2 weeks…

You may have seen us post about 2 weeks ago that we have our approval for the project expansion…so what’s taking so long in us adding more families to the project, right?

Soon.  That’s all I can say…soon.   You see we have 2 holidays that hit right in the middle of our plans….both Ethiopian Christmas and Timket (Epiphany) fall right smack in the middle of our ramp up 🙂

So, on Sunday we post for the new positions that we’ll be hiring for…another Social Worker, 6 Care Givers, a Health Care Worker, another Cook and a Laundry Worker.  This will bring us to 24 total employees.

Then, next Wednesday we will meet with the local government to proceed with family selection for the additional 29 families.  They are a huge key to us being able to work toward sustainability as well as to find those families who are most in need, so we are looking forward to meeting with them.  Our guess is that within a week of that meeting our family selection will begin and you’ll start to see families on the website that we are seeking sponsors for.

Also, keep watching as we’ll be posting more information soon about our Community Development Project – a Children’s library and literacy center.  It will be a great way for many different folks to get involved…including children in schools in The West.

Thank you for praying for us…and for continuing to pray.  We’re in ramp up mode…and its incredible.

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